Noleggio bici Puglia



The Sassi, declared in 1993 UNESCO World Heritage Site and named European Capital of Culture for 2019, represent the ancient part of Matera, constituting an entire city carved into the calcarenitic rock, locally called “tufo”, in the heart of the Gravina . The development of the different phases of urban transformations has created over the centuries a unique landscape of incomparable charm and suggestion. Once the heart of rural civilization and now largely restored, the Sassi take life again and offer a breathless view, especially at sunset, taking the form of a nativity scene. The Sassi are composed of two large Rioni: the Sasso Barisano and the Sasso Caveoso, divided in the middle by the hill of Civita, the oldest settlement, dating back to the Middle Ages. The Sasso Caveoso District is mainly composed of houses almost completely dug into the rock and remained almost intact compared to the past and in this it differs from the Sasso Barisano, which currently is almost completely renovated and hosts numerous restaurant and hotel facilities as well as several tourist attractions like the reconstruction of the Miniature Sassi and the Museum of rural civilization. The guided excursion ends by taking the transfer to come back to Locorotondo.



The price refers to a single person and a minimum of 4 people.