Locorotondo is a small town in the Valle d’Itria, 60 km far away from Bari. It borders with Cisternino, Martina Franca and Alberobello. The village was founded  in the year one thousand and it had many names before the current one: initially it was known as “Casale San Giorgio” (in honor of the patron saint), then “Casale Rotondo”, later “Luogorotondo” (Locus Rotundus) and only in 1834, it takes the current name “Locorotondo”. The toponym, in fact, recalls the characteristic shape of the historical center, composed of a group of small white houses arranged on concentric rings. The typical kind of house  is the “cummersa”, built on two floors with the characteristic sloping stone paved roof on the top. Locorotondo is also known as the “city of wine” (the white one in particular) and until a few years ago it hosted an important local winery whose name was known all over the world. The small historic center, included in the prestigious list of “the most beautiful villages in Italy” in 2016, is built around a circular plan, as already mentioned, and finds its major points of interest in some historic buildings, including the Municipal Library, former Town Hall as well as school, and the charming Palazzo Morelli, stately home example of the Baroque art of the 1800s.



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