Noleggio bici Puglia



This excursion is only possible with e-bikes (suitable for up to 14 years older).

Known as the “capital of trulli”, Alberobello actually offers an extraordinary spectacle: a village of stone cones that extends in height, retracing the narrow streets that extend through the village. The trulli are typical dwellings of the “Valle d’Itria” and they can be found almost everywhere in the area. In the past they were a poor construction, in the farms housed the landlord and the stables but over time they have acquired the value they deserve, becoming the symbol of a land linked to stone and tradition. Moreover, the trulli masters are increasingly rare and more and more abandoned sites are transformed into charming B&Bs to welcome tourists. However, as you can guess from the description, the trulli are mainly humble houses, located in the countryside.

If the white houses with low roofs are typical of the area of ​​Fasano, Ostuni and Cisternino, the high cummerse with their sloping roofs can be found in Locorotondo, Alberobello shows its peculiarity in the fact that the centre is made up of agglomerations of trulli. The most interesting and bigger one is the “Sovereign Trullo” built on two floors.

To understand the beauty of these buildings the excursion stops for about 1 hour to let you visit and walk the tiny streets of Alberobello (the guide will recommend you a meeting point from where the ride will continue after your visit).

Then, moving from Alberobello, we will go towards the hinterland to appreciate the panoramic view of the “Canale di Pirro”, a path that overlooks the depression of Fasano, Savelletri, Torre Canne and Pezze di Greco, near thesea. The excursion stops for a tasting of focaccia and typical products in a farm and then continue on the way back to Locorotondo.



The price refers to a single person and a minimum of 4 people.